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Is Dad starting to get forgetful, and you’re worried because you live so far away?


Does Mom insist she’s “doing just fine” even as her doctor visits are becoming more frequent?


Do you need a knowledgeable and caring professional to help you make the big decisions regarding long-term care? 

Welcome to Silver Lining Advantage. 

We help seniors and their families navigate the complicated world of aging. With our caring, focused approach, we’ll facilitate discussion on important financial, medical, and logistic decisions and help you devise a plan for everyday living.


If you’re looking for elder assistance with a personal touch, we’re here to provide the support and answers you need. Reach out to us today. 

Let's Prepare for the Future Together


Ten years ago when my father became ill, Edgar was a blessing. First of all - my parents liked and trusted him. He was gentle, kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He managed the insurance companies, doctor payments, and eventually the assisted living facility.Now my mother in law has needed assistance. We gratefully turned to Edgar again and again he has been a comforting and perceptive presence for her and for us all.

Cheryl F.
  Maplewood, NJ


“Edgar was a godsend at a very difficult time in our lives. His ability to navigate the system, including the Veteran's Administration, to help us find resources that we would likely not have discovered on our own was invaluable. In addition, his warm presence and his ability to listen to our concerns was a great comfort.” 

Helen C.
South Orange, NJ


“Edgar is a knowledgeable, thorough, creative, and kind senior advisor. He helps seniors and their families to understand each family’s unique needs and to get the highest quality services available.”

Keelin S. Barry, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

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